Using the Wheel of Life to Commit to Change

wheel of life worksheet

How’s it going?…No, really, how are you?

Okay, that was a little awkward. Dozens of times a day we get the same question and give the same rote response, “Fine, and you?” Let’s be honest, we don’t give the question nor the answer much thought.

For many, self-examination, let alone sharing personal or professional difficulties, can feel selfish and vulnerable. God forbid we put someone else in the awkward position of sharing their issues and concerns. Everything’s fine, let’s move along.

Wheel of Life Worksheet

Today, I want to talk about using the “Wheel of Life” to ask yourself, “How’s it going?”

Using this tool you will assess your level of satisfaction in eight facets of your life, identify the skills, behaviors, and beliefs driving the areas of the highest satisfaction, and which areas of lower satisfaction require improvement. The Wheel of Life will help you see where your life is today and where you would ideally like it to be. That gap is where you can commit to change.

Click the link above to download your Wheel of Life worksheet and start the process.

Commit to Change

Then you can use the “Self Care Commitment” tool to build a simple plan for addressing the areas requiring improvement.

Identify strategies you can commit to doing daily, weekly, monthly, and/or occasionally to increase your satisfaction in those areas. Think about how you can leverage the skills, behaviors, and beliefs from your areas of the highest satisfaction. In 90 days, revisit and calibrate your life wheel ratings as needed. As above, identify priority focus area (s) and build a fresh plan for the next 90 days. Lather, rinse, repeat!

This process should take you about 30 minutes to complete and can be done on your own or with others. If doing this on your own, I encourage you to discuss your findings with a person you trust both to get their perspective and build accountability. In fact, one of the best leaders I know uses this tool with the people on his team so that he understands and strives to help them meet their needs and desires.

Thanks to one of our coaches, Kate Berg Hanson, for the original tools we’ve adapted. If you have questions about the tool or would like to discuss your results, Kate is available for a 30-minute free consultation which you can schedule via this LINK. To learn more about Kate, visit Kate’s profile.