Transitions in Nature is turning 2!

coaching and consulting businesses and nonprofits

This month we are celebrating Transitions in Nature turning 2! It’s been two years since Transitions in Nature started coaching and consulting businesses and nonprofits.

Transitions in Nature was started when co-founders and lifelong friends, Elaine O’Keefe and Tom Duenow, tired of going it alone as independent coaches, banded together to promote and deliver services to their clients.

They quickly realized that by working together they could combine their sales and marketing efforts, reduce back-office expenses, spend more time helping clients, offer a greater array of services, and leverage each other’s unique skills when assisting clients. As of today, TIN has 14 more coaches with an array of skills and talents to diversify their services.

In the last 2 years, TIN has made a huge impact on nonprofits and businesses in the Twin Cities and SE Minnesota.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Led 2 cohorts through a 8-week long Business Foundations class with 100% attendance.
  • Coached a new business to pivot after a major life event
  • Guided and coached multiple small businesses to develop a growth strategy. This involves defining roles, strategic planning, and targeting revenue to hire employees.
  • Developed and wrote employee manuals and compensation packages.
  • Worked with three non-profit organizations to develop a playbook for finding donors and included a step-by-step process of fundraising strategies. 
  • Led a workshop on email organization to help build cultural norms and build email amnesty within an association 
  • Consulted a non-profit on how to find people to fill 2 vital roles at their organization
  • Created a coaching community that we enjoy working with, empowered and inspired by each other, and created a feeling of belongingness
  • And many other meaningful impacts in coaching and consulting businesses and nonprofits. 

Transitions in Nature is here for leaders like you, whether you:

  • Want guidance in hiring or keeping your employees
  • Looking to simplify processes to share with your team 
  • Need to stop living your life (work and personal) on automatic
  • Or, if you are tired of going it alone and need someone to help you.

Let’s have a conversation on how to get started. We’d love to connect you with our talented coaches and help you be a better leader in your business or nonprofit.

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