The Power of a Mastermind


I’ll never forget my first mastermind group.

I was staying down in Rochester while doing the in-person learning segment at the Mayo Clinic Medical School for wellness coaching. 

I was having a blast and thought, “Hey, I really like this! I think I’ll jump into my own practice when I complete the course and pass the test, but I was clueless as to how to do it. 

And then I got an email. It was from a woman I had done some career coaching with a few years earlier.  

What is a Mastermind Group?

She said she had thought of me for a mastermind she was starting, and she wondered if I’d ever thought about joining one. I was vaguely familiar with the concept from reading Napoleon Hill and Jack Canfield. I understood that it was a small group of like-minded thinkers—people who wanted to learn from each other but also had experiences and thoughts they’d like to share.

So, I asked for more info. It sounded great! But I said, let me think about it. You see, I’m an early adopter but I need 24 hours to make sure I have the energy (time & money) to commit.

Turns out that the Mastermind was focused on relatively new coaches who wanted to go out on their own. There would be 15 of us. We’d meet on Zoom weekly. It cost a bundle of money.

I wanted to do it but needed to think it through. It was $2,500 for 6 months. Oooph!

I called my biggest cheerleader, Stephen (husband). 

He said, “Heck, the last time she coached you, your income went up 25%. If you think she can help you, go for it”. 

The next day I filled out the no-commitment application and waited for the interview date.
In the end, I decided that I could forgo some things I wanted to do for the business and use some savings to cover it. I was nervous yet highly invested, and optimistic. 

Fast Forward 3 Months Later

I pass the exam. I’m a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach. I start to study for the national boards.

Thanks to the wisdom of the people in the group I was able to put systems and strategies into place that first got me 17 clients in 2 weeks. Then I had a few months where sales were in the high 5 figures. I was on my way. I ended up replacing my income from my traditional job within 18 months of opening my door. I had more than made my investment back in just a couple of months and I learned a ton! 

4 Main Takeaways from my First Mastermind Group   

  1. Having an accountability TRIBE is even more impactful than having just 1 coach. 
  2. Others sharing their struggles helped me where I was having issues AND it was super helpful when things we had shared rose up in my business. Learning from others is one of the greatest parts of a Mastermind! 
  3. I increased my network. I have good friendships with many amazing people from across the globe and almost all of us still keep in touch and share deep conversations about business and life. 
  4. We experienced high levels of coaching during the sessions, far exceeding my expectations. I gained almost as much as I did when I worked with this same coach years earlier. 

Fast Forward 2 years later.

Business is booming. I want to lead my own Mastermind. 

I hired that same coach to help me get it set up properly. 

She helps me set the structure. Gives strategy pointers. Helps me align my marketing strategy. 

The week before the group is to start, we talk. I still have seats open. “Trust and have faith in the process,” she says. How many do you want? Twelve, I say. 

We work on my being receptive to letting this come to life. I’m at peace with whatever is going to happen.

In the next 48 hours, twelve seats fill. It’s the most beautiful group of people, ranging from 27 to 65, from solo practitioners to CEOs, from small business owners to government workers. Different races, genders, and orientations. These people came together every Thursday for 6 months. Their transformations were incredible. The price of that mastermind was $1,200.

It is because of these experiences and reports from many of our coaches of similar impact that TIN decided to offer 5 different Mastermind topic areas. We do know time is hard to dedicate. Now I get it, $444 to $660 may feel like a stretch but,  I bet it’s not really about the financial investment. I’d wager to say it’s more about fear of failing…or maybe more accurately, is it the fear of success? 

If You are on the Fence About a Mastermind

Fill out an application and click the “I have more questions” button. 

We can have a conversation and I’ll answer as honestly as I can. You have the power to grow and transform your business from getting by to thriving. Masterminds are a powerful tool and you’ll find some free ones and some that are $40,000! I can tell you that investing in your growth does make a huge difference in the level of your commitment. 

And, yes, you do have to show up and do the work to make that happen. But, in my experience in participating in and running several, it is so powerful you simply will not want to miss a session! 

I believe that TIN is a success when you are connected to the right resources to meet your needs. If you are at all interested, apply and click the “I have more questions” button. We’ll talk. If a Mastermind isn’t right for you now, at least you will have explored the option and, maybe together we can come up with a solution to your burning issue in our talk.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. I appreciate it!

Cheers to your wellness,