How Our Target Market Strategy Changed Our Business

target market strategy

One of the first rules of small business marketing is to identify your target market strategy.

When you are not crystal clear on who you are serving, you waste a great deal of time and energy.

Trying to serve everyone at the same time serves no one. In fact, the more detailed you can be about who your target market is, the more effective your campaign will be.

  • Nike focuses on athletes and health seekers.
  • Tesla focuses on wealthy early adopters.
  • Your insurance company might focus on retirees.
  • Your non-profit might focus on Spanish-speaking families new to the area.

But keep in mind that just because that’s your target market, you wouldn’t turn away someone who wasn’t part of it.

TIN focuses on small business and nonprofit leaders with less than 15 employees.

It feels so good to be able to say that we know exactly who our audience is now. 

Failing Fast

I didn’t feel that way 2 years ago when we started TIN. 

Trying to serve any leader clouded our message and people were not sure how we’d work together to solve their problems. 

We grew way too fast with the first iteration of our business and failed fast. While it wasn’t a success, we learned a LOT! Using the LEAN Startup Model, we did what they call “failing fast”.

We still believed in our services and the clients we were serving were getting terrific results, but we knew we needed to change how we were talking to people. So, we hired one of our own service providers, Nedra Rezinas, to help us develop our next pilot. 

We got crystal clear on WHO we wanted to serve. She set us up with a 90-day roadmap outlining strategies we can use now and into the future. We gained a tremendous sense of relief and alignment with the new strategies as a result of this clarity.

And, it’s working. We are serving more leaders than ever before! 

Here are the steps we employed:

Step 1: Identify if the problem we are solving is real.

Step 2: Identify who has this problem.

Step 3: Identify what they are currently using to solve the problem.

Step 4: Identify where they hang out.

Step 5: Identify the competition and what sets us apart from them.

Step 6: Talk to our ideal client about their problem and test if this is a good solution.

Step 7: Promote and sell the services—if they are spot on, we will see sales; if not, we will revisit our goals.

In this process, we asked ourselves deep, probing questions and got comfortable with the answers. We created an avatar of the leader we wanted to serve.

When we got to this point, it was amazing-all of a sudden, we knew exactly who we were talking to! We also knew where they hung out and that our service was a good solution to the problems small business and nonprofit leaders encounter.

For us, getting crystal clear on our target market was the answer that helped us move forward faster.

There was absolutely no change in the services we deliver.

I repeat, no change to the high-level service we give our clients, BUT, we did change where, when, and how we communicate with them. In fact, what you are reading right now is part of that process. 

Can We Help With Your Target Market Strategy?

If you are reading this, you are most likely a leader. You are most likely someone who has been in our network for a while. And you are someone who is interested in being successful both personally & professionally. 

If that describes you, you are a lot like us! 

Everything we offer from our Resource Library & Masterminds to Group Coaching & 1:1 Coaching & Consulting is for leaders who want to gain clarity and confidence in their personal and professional life. 

I’m proud of our team and the work they have done to get us to this point. But I’m most excited to see so many exploration calls being set up with leaders. I’m energized when I match a top-notch coach with a leader who will become a stronger, more confident people leader. 

I’m ecstatic that we’re making a difference for so many small businesses and nonprofits because I want your company to thrive for the next 15 years. Remember, only 25% of businesses starting today will be around in 15 years. I want everyone who reads this to succeed.

Be it finding your target market strategy, people management, systems and policies, health and wellness, communication, or marketing, we have a seriously talented pool of experts that are ready to help the leaders in our network. 

Don’t know where to start?

One of my superpowers is to listen to what situations you’d like help with and match a coach with the expertise you need. I’m so happy when people take me up on this offer because I know the transformation will take you to the next level of living your truth. 

Drop me a note at or set up a discovery call.