A gift of resources to leaders of businesses and nonprofits

As leaders and executives of businesses and nonprofits, it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of financial success.  True success isn’t defined by a single metric. It’s a combination of multiple elements that come together to create a holistic picture. It’s about setting and achieving life goals, creating meaningful relationships, and developing as a leader. It can also be about reassessing and changing how we think about things.  Success is an individual journey, so each of us must define it for ourselves.

The coaches at Transitions in Nature have rounded up some amazing exercises to help you re-align yourself with your goals and values, just in time for 2023! Many of these are located in our Learning Library, an amazing resource of different tools shared by our talented coaches.

Around the New Year, this is an excellent time to begin re-evaluation of what’s important to you and how you want to be seen as a leader. Please let us know if you use these tools below and would like some additional insight or coaching to support them.

Resources and Tools for Goal and Value Setting

Elaine O’Keefe is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and shared this resource.  Wellness Vision Tool for Leaders is a great tool that combines actions with values and desires. 

The University of Pennsylvania has a series of free assessments and quizzes that are available to everyone if they are willing to become part of the study pool. 

Our Personal Values Survey is an excellent tool to help you re-align with what’s important in your life right now. It does a great job of listing many intrinsic values such as self-respect and freedom. It also covers extrinsic values as honesty and independence. 

Our Motivation Quiz talks specifically about motivation for personal or 1:1 coaching. No matter what your score is (high or low), the quiz provides you with suggestions on how to improve your life balance and achieve your goals. 

Here’s How Transitions in Nature Can Help

Let us know if you try one or more of the activities above. We hope it provides you with the insight you are looking for. It can be very helpful to work with a coach to achieve your goals. Coaches are valuable and can guide you to help you create changes in your life (small or large). We have many talented coaches we can match you with to find the right fit. Let’s have a conversation today!