Tong Holzinger

Personal and Professional Development

I want to guide you to the learnings and healings you need to overcome your current challenges in your career and business and equip you with the right tools to move forward with awareness, confidence, and ease. 

My coaching style is intuitive, creative, and strategic. My background and life experiences give me a better understanding of my clients to effectively guide them in achieving their unique success and fulfillment in their careers and entrepreneurial journey.

Decades of identity crisis were ultimately the catalyst for my calling today.

My soul-searching journey officially started when I ran away from home at age 21. The desire to uncover who I am and what I am here for led me to explore different career choices and life paths in two foreign countries (S. Korea and the U.S.).
While the transitional experiences were painful, they also built my resilience and depth of understanding.

I began diving deep into self-discovery, finding the ’cause’ behind the ‘effect’, healing from the traumas, and shedding my old identity as the victim, people pleaser, and not being enough.

Because of these rich experiences, I understand how it feels to be confused about who we are, and how it influences us from our thoughts, decisions, and ultimately the reality we create.

I’m excited to guide you through a journey where you can discover, live your truth, and experience the fulfillment and flow in your work because this is what life is about – leaving your unique footprints to make a difference.”

As a coach, what brings you joy?

Seeing clients breaking through their limits in each session, gaining confidence and trust in themselves, and seeing their calmness in the knowing that they are heading toward the right direction, that they are doing something meaningful and making a difference brings me a deep sense of gratitude and joy.

Coaching Credentials

Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching Certificate

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