Kinga Zerhouni

Burnout Recovery Health Coach

Burnout affects both your physical and mental health. You can’t recover from it just by taking a vacation or reducing your work hours. Your body is depleted, and it needs serious support.  

What can you accomplish through coaching with me:

  • waking each morning with ample energy that you can sustain throughout the day (no more afternoon slumps that send you running for coffee and sugary snacks)
  • having a sense of calm throughout the day because you learn strategies to deal with stressful situations 
  • achieving lifestyle goals by implementing healthy habits that fit your busy schedule
  • Reconnect with your dreams, wants, and needs to find a balance between your professional and family life without feeling guilty about it.


As a coach, what brings you joy?

I enjoy seeing women finally believing that they can live more healthier and balanced lives. I like guiding them through the process of making changes in their lifestyles and helping them realize how simple it can be to feel healthy again.

Coaching Credentials

Certified Functional Health Coach; Board Certified Functional Wellness Coach

Coaching expertise

Personal Effectiveness

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