Kate Berg Hanson

Health, Wellness, and Sustainability Coach

Sustainable well-being encompasses mind, body, lifestyle, and environment.  I am ready to work with you if you are seeking balance in your life to achieve sustainable well-being.  Together we will explore what you value and the vision of your best lifestyle, including running your business.  We will collaborate to set achievable personalized goals to ensure you can live life within those values.  I will be your ally throughout the process, ensuring you are accountable for your vision.  With my support, you can achieve a greater sense of sustainable well-being.


As a coach, what brings you joy?

Working with an individual or group and seeing that spark when clients find a new idea, recognize an area of strength, or learn something about themselves.  It is about seeing people living a fulfilled life, regardless of outside circumstances.

Coaching Credentials

Real Balance Global Wellness Services: Certified Wellness & Health Coach (seeking NBHWC certification Fall 2021)

Coaching expertise


Personal Effectiveness