Eneida Canev

Change Coach

Change Coach – using techniques in Change Psychology and REBT to identify and then upgrade limiting beliefs by adopting effective habits.

* You recognize that you are capable of upgrading your identity but need guidance on where to start.
* You have been ‘self’ developing for a consistent amount of time and haven’t been able to stick with new behavior.
* You value your body and want to reclaim the optimal physique you once had.
* You want to increase your confidence level based on how you see yourself.


Eneida was the first person in my life who told me I could be hyper-successful and taught me about sales and business. During our work together, she was an amazing coach. She genuinely cared for my headspace and activity levels. She consistently reminded me of the person she knew I could be. Today, I have and have had multiple Director positions and I am certain that I would not have achieved those things without her investing in me.
– Andrew Bell; Owner, Outdoor Living

You know when you leave a presentation excited to share what you have learned that it was effective. That is the exact reaction you will have after attending one of her conferences. I so happy that I was able to experience her passion and commitment to the art of speaking and I hope to embody those same characteristics in my future speaking engagement.
– Tollisha Joseph; Owner, The Official Glue

To say that Eneida is a motivator, enthusiast, and a go-getter would be an absolute understatement. I’ve attended her trainings, follow her on all social media platforms, and I am never disappointed. My role is completely revolved around sales and, as I am going about my day to day routine, inevitably I find myself utilizing Eneida’s skills/confidence that she portrays. She exudes and exemplifies exactly what’s needed to succeed in any industry, not just sales. She has my endorsement on any subject and on every level. Her attitude should be followed and mirrored in every way possible for anyone who wants to truly succeed not only in the sales world, but in the world overall.
– Devon Martin; Key Account Executive, National Life Group

Coaching Credentials

Certified Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Coach - Transformation Academy, Certified in Change Psychology - Precision Nutrition
Eneida Canev

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