About Transitions in Nature

Tom and Elaine

Transitions in Nature, Inc. was started when co-founders and lifelong friends, Elaine O’Keefe and Tom Duenow, tired of going it alone as independent coaches, banded together to promote and deliver services to their clients.

They quickly realized that by working together they could combine their sales and marketing efforts, reduce back-office expenses, spend more time helping clients, offer a greater array of services, and leverage each other’s unique skills when assisting clients.

Inspired by their experience, and guided by their desire to help others succeed, Tom and Elaine began building Transitions in Nature in the spring of 2020. Their efforts have been guided by a simple set of core values:

  • Make the broadest positive impact possible
  • Think Win-Win-Win
  • We reserve the right to get smarter
  • Feedback is a gift
  • Teamwork delivers the best outcomes.

How Transitions In Nature Can Help You

We help small business and non-profit leaders get the help they need so they can focus on what they do best for their business.

Use our platform to access help in a manner that fits your preferences and budget.  You can arrange to speak directly with a coach, join a mastermind group to gain access to insights and advice from others, or attend a webinar or workshop designed to build skills and knowledge to be immediately applied. 

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