3 Ways to Build a Connection Between Your Brand and Audience

build a connection between brand and audience

written by Kinga Zerhouni, a TIN Coach

For me, public relations is about how I build a connection between my brand and my audience. I can strengthen this relationship through the messages I share, the stories I tell, and the aesthetics I create for my brand. 

The end goal is to expand my brand, grow my audience, and increase my impact with the services I offer. 

Here are my top 3 tips to authentically communicate your brand and build a relationship with your audience:

Have a Consistent Message

When I started my business, I wasn’t clear about what message I wanted to share. As a health coach, I could talk about many aspects of healthy living. Over time, I realized that I needed to have core brand messages to attract my ideal audience. I needed to clarify who I was as a coach, what I provided, and how it benefited my audience. 

Today, my core messages relate to the framework I’ve developed to help women overcome burnout, so they can experience more energy and feel like their best version of themselves. I use these core messages on my website, as a starting point for my content ideas, and free offers. 

Find Your Brand Voice

My brand must feel authentic to me and who I am. I don’t want to show up as somebody different. This means I include my everyday language in the emails I send or posts I make on social media. I also share my personality through stories that are relevant to my audience. I believe this helps build more trust and deeper connections. 

Consider Your Brand Emotions 

People who connect with you or read your content have specific emotional reactions. By choosing the type of content you want to share, photos, colors, and even fonts, you can influence how you want your audience to feel. Some of my brand emotions are warmth, feeling calm, and being inspired.  

When I write a blog post or an article for a magazine, I make sure the information I present is consistent with my core messages, my brand voice, and my overall brand emotions. This way, I can attract my ideal audience and build a connection between my brand and audience. 

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